Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hire an Interior Painter

Why should you hire an interior painter vs. deciding to pick up a bucket of paint and do the job yourself? Simple answer: Your local painter knows what he’s doing. Many painters will give you a free home improvement estimates on what it will cost to paint that room, or the kitchen.

Sure! It sounds fun to get the paint out, tape the walls and just take in the smell of paint. The reality is, your local painter just pays more attention to details. Finding and hiring the right one can be a difficult task as well.

Some tips before hiring a painter to get your job done:
  •     Check your local painter’s references and online reviews if available.
  •     Check licenses, insurances, bonds and references again.
  •     Get a detailed estimate in writing.
  •     Is he or she asking you to get your own permits? Run!
  •     Does he or she only want cash payment? Run from that too!

One can never stop emphasizing: check references, check online reviews, check licenses. There are too many horror stories from homeowners falling victim in the hands of “wannabe” contractors.

Sit back and relax!:

Even before you have the local Painter come in and paint the walls, make sure you have your belongings (furniture's) out of the way so that paint does not ruin them. Get the kids, the dog, the cat and make the areas being painted off limits. Now, sit back, relax and have your local painter beautify your home.

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